• About Valhalla

    Valhalla is a martial arts gym located in Irvine, California. We provide a safe environment for adults to learn the grappling and take-down concepts found in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and wrestling. Our members vary from first-timers, advanced learners, college students, to working professionals.


    Valhalla was founded by A.J. Albert in 2012. He is a black belt under Tim Cartmell. A.J. has over a decade of martial arts experience.


    Reach out to arrange a free introductory class!


    Address: 4213 Campus Drive, Ste P166C (Inside Elite Fitness Taekwondo in University Center)
    Irvine, California

  • Testimonials (FROM yelp)

    "There is something here for everyone, whether you're a seasoned grappling veteran (BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, etc.) or this is your first rodeo. Come in and try it out for yourself, you'll see what I mean. " Nick. F, Judo black belt

    "A.J. is a great instructor. Even though there are many people in the class, A.J. seems to be able to keep track of your persons interests and struggles." Tony. N

    AJ is a very passionate and welcoming instructor; from the start you will notice that the class has a very relaxed atmosphere, making it easier for beginners to transition in. The techniques are explained well and repeated as needed while any problems or concerns can be clarified with a simple question. Teaching and the students come first for him. He makes his fees as affordable as possible; you will definitely get your money’s worth through AJ.” -C. Liu

    "The price is fantastic, but this isn't some bargain basement training. AJ's attention to detail, clarity, and patience with instruction is unmatched. He trains for various applications, encourages students to develop their own styles according to body type/ability/comfort/necessity, follows up on lessons, prepares individuals for competition if necessary, and is above all interested in developing his students into BJJ machines." Brian. G

  • Schedule & PRICE

    Sunday, open mat 1-2pm

    Monday, gi* class 830-10pm

    Tuesday, no gi class 830-10pm

    Wednesday, gi class 830-10pm

    Thursday, no gi class 830-10pm


    *gi not required for beginners

    (Holiday Schedule May Vary)


    Monthly membership, no annual contract:

    First class free of charge

    Regular price $95/month

    Student price $85/month

    Ask about group and corporate discounts

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